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Gayety's Ice Cream Soda Fountain Movie Theater South Chicago
Description - one of the Pioneers of WhatWasThere "Fade" Placements. Come visit Us on Facebook for more daily shares - ____________________________ Part of a series of this Bye Gone Era, preserved with photographs. I'll be placing other views of this theatre. Be sure to look. - "The Gayety opened in 1908 as a vaudeville and motion picture theater, later changing over to movies only. The Gayety was located on Commercial Avenue, the South Chicago neighborhood’s main retail district. Next door to the theater was the equally-popular Gayety Soda Shop. In 1957, the Gayety switched from first-run features to Spanish-language films, reflecting the change in the populace of the neighborhood from heavily Eastern European to mainly Latino. It was from then on called the Teatro Gayety. A fire gutted the Gayety in May of 1982, and the theater was demolished not long after, replaced by a fast food restaurant."
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