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HOTEL MASON - Claremore Oklahoma -100 Years Ago or So
Hotel Mason, Claremore, Ok., built in 1910, remained Open until 1974, and Demolished in 1986 - Normally we like to place Old Photographs as our WhatWasThere Placements. - But, because some scenes are Rare to find on film, we resort to old colorized photo prints and the like. All in the name of "Preserving Yesterday, Today, for Tomorrow" - This is what it looked like then. A Famous Hotel with a Lot of History. Including being host to the World's Largest Gun Collection. So on this note, you can Learn a Lot of Interesting History from this website - --------------- For More Historical WhatWasThere "Fades" and Old Photograph Shares, Follow Us on Facebook -
claremore,oklahoma,guns,hotel mason,j.m. davis,coffee shop,barber shop,route 66,route 20,main st. snapshotphotographs
Source: image Placement - History by J.M. Davis
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