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The McCaw-Massee House
The Beaux-Arts-style McCaw-Massee House at 615 College Street is called the house that Crisco built. It was constructed in 1901 by Wallace McCaw, who invented a process for hydrogenating cottonseed oil that he manufactured in Macon under the name “Plantene.” His formula was purchased by Proctor and Gamble, who changed the name of the product to Crisco. The company made McCaw one of its vice presidents and relocated him to Cincinnati, Ohio. The home was purchased in 1910 by W. Jordan Massee, a large man with a large personality who was a friend of Tennessee Williams. Massee was the inspiration for the character Big Daddy in Tennessee Williams’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which was written in the Massee house. In 1935, the house was converted into 13 apartments, but in 2002, it was restored to a single-family residence. (Courtesy of Dan Morton.) Image featured in “Then and Now: Macon” by Glenda Barnes Bozeman . More Information available at Arcadia Publishing (click the link below).
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Arcadia Publishing
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