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Pony Give-Away Day - Saturday Downtown Wisner Louisiana
Description - Placing WhatWasThere "Fades" for our Facebook Friends - Something we Love to do for you- Want to know more, come visit us on Facebook Daily - ------------------ This Historical Moment, was shared with us by Vickie Buck. And with some Interesting history -"This is "downtown" Wisner, Louisiana, taken in the early 1950's. I was told that when you purchased something from a town merchant, you got a ticket, half of which was put into a bin and on Saturday afternoon each week, they drew a ticket to choose a winner of a prize. This was a Saturday that they were giving away a pony. Sometimes it would be a cash amount, like $50. Wisner had a population of only several hundred at this time, so it's obvious that everybody showed up for the festivities!"
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Source: Placement - Vickie Buck Family Photo and History
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