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Groveland FloridaPast OBR-ACL Railroad Depot Station
Description - Pioneering the placements of Groveland, Lake County and beyond. While "Preserving FloridaPast in FloridaPresent for FloridaFuture" - It's what we Love to Do! - Come visit us on Facebook daily for more FloridaPast Shares - ----------------------------- "Near the close of the War Between the States, Daniel Sloan, a former Confederate Cavalry Lieutenant, homesteaded land which was later to become part of Groveland. He erected a log cabin, which is still standing, farmed and raised cattle. In 1887, the end of the frontier days was heralded by the arrival of the Sanford and St. Petersburg line of the Orange Belt Railroad and its little wood burning engine. With the railroad, came more settlers and during that same year this section of Lake County was created from part of Sumter County." [credit Cyleta Lee Austin, Historian Emeritus, Groveland, Florida] Read more here -
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Source: & Placement - FloridaMemoryProject photo - History credit/link provided here and at source link
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