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Ceraolos' Three Oaks Market - Clearwater FloridaPast Roadside
Description - Pioneering FloridaPast Roadside WhatWasThere "fades" - Come Visit and Like Us on Facebook - ------------------ With Much Thanks to The Clearwater Times Staff for Preserving this FloridaPast Moment. - though the photograph and history are part of our FloridaPast Archives, it's because of the Times, that we have this photograph and a bit of history- Obviously the Open Air Produce Market is not here at the time of this "fade", but when it was, it belonged to the Ceraolo Family since the early 1950s. Many of the vegetables sold here were grown outback by Vincent Ceraolo. And Sisters Leandre and Fran operated the market. - This kind of business, was a common find along Roadsides of FloridaPast. It's what America Once Was!
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