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The Beautiful Conrad Schuck's Wonder House - Bartow FloridaPast
A Beautiful Artist's Rendition, from the 1930s era, of the once Famed Wonder House in Bartow Florida. Still Standing. - For more of our Unique, Fun and Historical "Fade" Shares, come visit us on Facebook Daily - - Doing the research, I've come up with the inside scoop you might say, of the history. Borrowed to share- "Conrad Schuck was the 49-year-old owner of a building supply company in Pittsburgh when his doctor told him he had roughly one year to live. He might live a few months longer, his doctor said, if he moved to a warmer climate. So Schuck moved his family to Bartow. To keep his mind off the inevitable, he did what he knew — he put his contracting skills to work to build a dream house. Thirteen years later, Schuck was still working on his 'Wonder House,' a four-story, 5,300-square-foot mansion on Mann Road in Bartow. The intriguing 18-room structure, which Schuck opened to the public in 1934, served as a local tourist attraction for roughly 30 years." READ MORE -
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