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The Once Popular Jewish Restaurant Pumperniks Miami Beach FloridaPast
Description - "Preserving FloridaPast in FloridaPresent for FloridaFuture" - It's what We Love to Do for You! Come visit US on Facebook Daily for More FloridaPast Shares - ------------- This "Fade" was Inspired by Renee Rzadkowski, one of Our FloridaPast Facebook Friend's Share of this Pumperniks image. - Much Thanks to Renee for Sharing this FloridaPast moment with Us!! -------------- Pumpernik's - "HOME OF THE PUMPERNICKEL BAGEL" THAT ARTHUR GODFREY and LARRY KING HAD MADE FAMOUS! --- Pumperniks, Wolfies and Rascal House were all created by Wolfie Cohen. --- a bit of borrowed history about Wolfie Cohen - "Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House was a Jewish delicatessen located at the intersection of 172nd Street and Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, which opened in 1954 and closed on March 30, 2008. Sporting a large neon sign in the front, the building was designed in the 1950s "MIMO" style (Miami Modern) which is common to much of the northern precincts of the Miami-area beaches. The neon sign makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the video for "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees." - CREDIT and READ MORE HERE -'s_Rascal_House -------- This Diddle one would find on the back of a Pumpernik's Menu; "The Pumpernik Story Told by Mr. Pumpernik Illustrated by Mr. Pumpernik From the motion picture, “Pumpernik” Four little Pumperniks Brewing up some tea, One leaned over the kettle, And then there were three Three little Pumperniks Fixing up a stew, One upset the boiling pot, Now there are two Two little Pumperniks Trying to bake a bun, One looked in the oven, And now there is one One Mr. Pumpernik What a man is he, All his brothers disappeared, ANYTHING for a recipe!" ----------------- Pumpernik’s Restaurant and Coffee Shop, was also a popular Jewish deli, where they say you can get the Best Bagels in town, not to mention all the other great Jewish dishes. - ------------- The Famous Radio Announcer, Larry King, did his interviewing on a mid-morning show for WIOD, at Pumpernik's Restaurant in Miami Beach, out of one of the booths. He would interview anyone who walked in. His first interview was with a waiter at the restaurant. Then just two days later, singer Bobby Darin, who was in Miami for a concert later that day, walked into Pumpernik's as a result of coming across King's show on his radio; Darin became King's first celebrity interview guest. Arrested in Miami on December 20, 1971 on charges of grand larceny, Larry King was in debt to sustain an extravagant lifestyle among other things. His Miami radio show launched him to local stardom. A few years later, in May 1960, he hosted Miami Undercover, airing Sunday nights at 11:30 p.m. on WPST-TV Channel 10 (now WPLG). On the show, he moderated debates on important issues of the time. King credits his success on local TV to the assistance of another showbiz legend, comedian Jackie Gleason, whose national TV variety show was being filmed in Miami Beach during this period. "That show really took off because Gleason came to Miami," King said in a 1996 interview he gave when inducted into the Broadcasters' Hall of Fame. "He did that show and stayed all night with me. We stayed till five in the morning. He didn't like the set, so we broke into the general manager's office and changed the set. Gleason changed the set, he changed the lighting, and he became like a mentor of mine." Jackie Gleason was instrumental in getting Larry a hard-to-get on air interview with Frank Sinatra during this time. - CREDIT and READ More at this site - -----------
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